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So What Is A Kolache again?

Sausage Egg and Cheddar Kolache

Kolaches originated as a semisweet festive dessert from Central Europe. When Czech immigrants came to Texas in the mid-19th century, a hybrid version emerged and ingredients like eggs, sausage, and brisket were incorporated.

Now it’s on! We’ve perfected the old (Czech) and current (Texas) to bring you the new #bestdamnkolaches on earth. 

About the Kolache Kompany!

Kolache Kompany was never supposed to be a restaurant. Allen Holton fell in love with kolaches while visiting a friend in Houston. He spent the better part of two decades perfecting his own dough and unique combination and frequently serving his signature kolaches at family functions.  After getting rave reviews and encouragement from family and friends it was  only fitting to start Kolache Kompany.